William S. Sipple 

Wetland & Environmental Training & Consulting


WSS’s philosophy with environmental consulting is to offer straightforward objective advice in conducting site evaluations and assessments. This approach is deemed particularly prudent for projects involving land development and regulatory issues. Years of experience indicates that this approach is forthright and fair to everyone. This philosophy will be emphasized to potential clients up-front to avoid potential misunderstandings.


Technical services include field studies, literature searches, report preparations, and expert witness testimony associated with the following areas of expertise: 

  • wetland delineations
  • wetland assessments
  • vegetation surveys
  • floristic inventories
  • rare plant and animal surveys
  • ecological inventories
  • wildlife assessments
  • wildlife inventories
  • biological stream assessments




Standard sampling procedures and methods will be followed with all field work.

WSS also does subcontractual technical studies for other companies.

Rates vary with the type and extent of the services provided.

Examples of WSS projects completed from 2003-2017 are available to potential clients upon request.



swamp pink, Helonias bullata
(left) and sensitive joint-vetch,
Aeschynomene virginica (Right) 
(Photo obtained from www.fws.gov)

small whorled pogonia,
Isotria medeoloides (left) and
Federally-Endangered Harperella,
Ptilimnium nodosum



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