William S. Sipple 

Wetland & Environmental Training & Consulting


William Sipple with white-footed mouse.
(Photo taken by Matt Perry)

William Sipple looking upstream on
beaver dam at Mataponi Creek in MD.
(Photo taken by Mary Kilbourne) 

William Sipple handling a dark phase
of a Hognose Snake.

After finishing graduate school, William S. Sipple worked for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in its tidal wetland regulatory program from 1971-1979. Permit processing and related field work was conducted throughout the tidewater region. Field research was also done on non-tidal wetlands. 

He left DNR in 1979 to work for the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During his tenure at EPA, he was involved with most aspects of its
404 Regulatory Program, both technical and programmatic. He also taught various wetland-related courses for the agency. 

Likewise, he has taught in the private sector for various institutions and independently since 1972. He is also a dedicated journal keeper (over 60 years) and writer, which has resulted in various technical publications, extensive journals, and two books, Through the Eyes of a Young Naturalist and Days Afield: Exploring Wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay Region

Although he has taught and/or conducted other field work throughout the conterminous United States and Alaska, his more extensive experience has been in the East, particularly the mid-Atlantic states. His academic training and over 60 years of practical field experience will be an asset to potential clients.

For William S. Sipple's full resume, click here.
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